2020: Corona – the year everyone wants to forget – except us…
Four students who can hardly survive during the lockdown due to boredom. A time without parties, without vacations and also a time in which enough space for creative ideas has been established. Thoughts like „how cool would it be to be able to print our own shirts“. The idea, which seemed impossible at first, turned into reality. We improved our quality with every shirt we designed and printed for ourselves. Up to a point where even friends asked us wether they can have a shirt from us, as well. As the demand grew, we decided to start our own business and see where the journey would take us.

Today we are an ambitious fashion brand from Iserlohn which has made it its goal to produce affordable oversize fashion for fashion-conscious boys and girls. We don’t want to be seen merely as a tedious fashion start-up, but much more as a trend-conscious movement within the fashion world.